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Strong Barber Brazil Shaving Oil is an excellent option for bearded men. This product has high moisturizing power, giving shine and strength to the hair.

The hydration of Strong Barber Brasil Oil is something surprising, as it hydrates and smoothes the hair in an unparalleled way, and still leaves your beard with an incredible male fragrance with high shine.

Benefits of Vitor Cosmetics Strong Barber Oil:
• 3D glow
• Moisturizes the hair
• Align the wires
• Frizz control
• Refreshment
• Special imported oils
• Imported essence –Wood of the field.

We guarantee total quality.

Its use is recommended for beards with 1 cm or more, as it has a high moisturizing power.

Instructions for use: With a clean and dry beard, apply 2-3 drops on the palm of your hands, spread and rub all over your beard, hair, goatee and mustache.

NOTE: The amount of drops will vary according to the length and volume of the beard.

-PRECAUTIONS : Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest. Keep out of the reach of children.

Unparalleled quality

Strong Barber Shaving Oil 30ml

SKU: 7851
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