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Shampoo for blond and gray hair. BRAÉ Bond Angel Shampoo Matizador helps neutralize the hair and seals the cuticles.

The Acidifying Matizador BRAÉ Bond Angel removes yellowing, aligns and facilitates the disentangling of hair. Thus, it reveals smooth, silky and intensely shiny platinum threads.


BAP 5000 technology: with microparticles of açaí extract, acerola, grape, keratin and panthenol, neutralizes yellowing, hydrates and restores hair resistance.

How to Use BRÉ Bond Angel pH

Application Council

Apply strand by strand, untangle the strands with the aid of a comb. Leave on for 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the desired tone and need. Rinse thoroughly.

Obs- For best results, seek the help of a professional.

Our Experts Teach

As much as possible, avoid exceeding the pause time of the blender. Increasing the product's action time can stain the hair.

Find out more: Hair stylist Ronan Gedeoni tells the 4 secrets of perfect blonde hair.


Your blonde is free of unwanted yellowing, with a platinum glow and healthy appearance.

Also use BRAÉ Bond Angel Thermal Blond Leave-in for complete care.

BRAÉ Bond Angel pH - Acidifying Matizador 1000ml

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