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Reconstructive treatment for hair in chemical process. BRAÉ Bond Angel Plex Effect N°2 Bond Reconstructor guarantees healthy strands right after chemical transformations.

The BRAÉ Bond Angel Plex Effect N°2 Reconstructor Treatment Bond Reconstructor brings a technological formula that cares for and multiplies the sulfide bridges while the wires receive the chemistry.

It should be used as a second step, right after the application of BRAÉ Bond Angel Plex Effect N°1 Bond Maker, and its action helps to seal the hair fiber cuticles to provide hair with more strength, shine and softness.


Special Protein Developed with Hydrolyzed Collagen: Bond Angel has a smaller special molecule that is more easily absorbed by the threads, acting in the recovery of the hair fiber and increasing the resistance against any tension caused by chemical products.

Keratin Complex: This protein compound works together with the hydrolyzed collagen protein to repair broken sulfide tips and create a protective film on the recovered bridges.

Prodew 500: a mixture of actives that promotes the multiplication of the sulfide bridges recovered by the action of the hydrolyzed collagen protein together with the Keratin Complex molecule.

How to Use BRÉ Bond Angel Plex Effect N°2 Bond Reconstructor

Application Council

After the first step with the BRAÉ Bond Angel Plex Effect N°1 Bom Maker, apply 20 ml of N°2 Bond Reconstructor on the wires. Comb spreading evenly. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse. Apply your preferred shampoo, conditioner or colorant.


-This product is intended for professional use. We do not recommend its application without the indication or follow-up of a professional.

- Follow the measure indicated in the application according to the chosen technique and take the break time. It can be used in the following processes: discoloration, coloration, straightening or relaxation, pre-progressive and reconstruction.

Our Experts Teach

To guarantee a perfect result, the process should be done right after using BRAÉ Bond Angel Plex Effect N°1 Bond Maker and continued with BRAÉ Bond Angel Plex Effect N°3 Bond Fortifier.


Strong, soft and healthy strands after chemical processes.

BRAÉ Bond Angel Plex Effect N°2 Bond Reconstructor - 500 Reconstructor Treatment

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