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Shampoo for frizzy hair. BRAÉ Divine Shampoo makes hair more aligned and disciplined during cleaning.

Divine BRAÉ Shampoo combines actives with technologies to eliminate volume and provide a more controlled hair. It's perfect for those who already have chemistry and want to keep the smooth long-lasting effect.


How to use BRAÉ Divine Anti-Frizz

Application Council

Apply shampoo to wet hair and massage into the scalp until foam forms. Rinse. Repeat the procedure if you feel the need.

Our Experts Teach

Cold water helps to close the hair cuticles, which reduces friction between the strands and therefore prevents frizz. Prefer to wash your hair with warm water and take the opportunity to give it a final rinse with cold water.

Find out more: Hair stylist Bruno Lotufo teaches you how to end frizz.


Your hair stays clean and disciplined, with incredibly controlled frizz and volume.

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BRAÉ Divine Anti-Frizz - Shampoo 1000ml

R$159.00 Regular Price
R$153.00Sale Price
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