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Conditioner for frizzy hair. BRAÉ Divine Conditioner brings a moisturizing care that untangles and disciplines rebellious hair.

The Divine BRAÉ Conditioner combines actives with technologies to eliminate volume and provide a more controlled hair. It's perfect for those who already have chemistry and want to keep the smooth long-lasting effect.

How to use BRAÉ Divine

Application Council

Spread conditioner over damp strands after shampooing. Start at the ends, massage gently and slide the strands between your fingers until they are untangled. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse.

Our Experts Teach

A tip to avoid frizz after drying your hair is to blow a blast of cool air after drying. This helps to discipline the hair as the cold seals the cuticles, and the heat from the dryer makes the scalp warm, which will end up transmitting heat to the cold hair and generating stray strands.

Learn more: Hair stylist Daniela Rocha teaches you how to reduce hair volume.


Your hair is untangled and disciplined, with incredibly controlled frizz and volume.

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BRAÉ Divine - Conditioner 250ml

R$ 70,00 Regular Price
R$ 64,00Sale Price
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