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Repair serum for all hair types. BRAÉ Divine Plume Sensation nourishes and combats damage such as frizz and split ends.

BRAÉ Divine Plume Sensation Serum promotes cuticle alignment, prevents heavy hair appearance, gives elasticity and guarantees a silky touch. Your hair is light and with natural balance.

How to Use BRÉ Divine Plume Sensation

Application Council

Apply a few drops of the serum in the palm of your hands and spread along the length of the hair until completely absorbed. Finish as you wish.

Our Experts Teach

The main differential of the serum is that it has a much lighter texture than traditional oil and offers a more intensive treatment, as its formula is well concentrated.


Soft hair, with shine and silky texture.

BRAÉ Divine Plume Sensation - Hair Repair Serum 60ml

R$89.00 Regular Price
R$78.00Sale Price
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