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Leave-in for damaged hair. BRAÉ Divine Ten in One features 10 repair powers in a single product.

Leave-in BRAÉ Divine Ten in One provides hydration, anti-frizz action, strength, thermal protection, softness, shine, UV protection, anti-frizz action and malleability. Furthermore, it guarantees a light modeling on the threads. With it, your hair is revitalized and nourished.

How to useBRAÉ Divine Ten in One

Application Council

Apply leave-in directly to the length and ends of dry or damp hair. No need to rinse. Finish as you wish.

Our Experts Teach

Wet hair is more fragile than dry hair. Therefore, when brushing the strands after washing them, don't forget to apply the leave-in to help detangle without breaking the hair fiber.

Learn more: Leave-in Guide and Comb Cream.


Restored hair with a silky feel.

Also try the BRAÉ Revival Duo Kit, which acts on the recovery of the hair fiber to rescue the strength of the strands.

BRAÉ Divine Ten in One - Leave-in 200g

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