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Texturing spray for all hair types. BRAÉ Gorgeous Volume provides a fuller strand with a consistent texture for much longer.

The BRAÉ Gorgeous Volume Texturizing Spray has a salt and paraben-free formula, which balances and tones the scalp to control oiliness. Its action promotes greater volume, shine and strength to the hair.


Biotin (Hvit®)

Panthenol: acts deeply acting as a long-lasting moisturizer with restorative and protective action. Improves elasticity and flexibility, revitalizing hairs from root to tip. Repairs damage caused by dyes, perms and other chemicals without weighing your hair down.

Wheat Protein: helps repair the keratin scales of damaged hair, gives volume and shape to the strands.

Amino Acids: Amino acids are quaternary compounds and are part of the construction of hair proteins. Once the strands lose amino acids, it is important to replace them, as they are essential in hair reconstruction processes.

How to Use BRÉ Gorgeous Volume

Application Council

Shake the product before using and apply to clean dry or damp hair. Spray lock by lock and gently press the ends. Do not rinse and finish as you wish.

Our Experts Teach

To apply product to all hair without depositing at the root, flip all hair forward and place head down. Spread the product by combing the hair in the direction of growth.


Fuller hair, with shine and strength.

BRAÉ Gorgeous Volume - Texturizing Spray 100ml

R$120.00 Regular Price
R$99.99Sale Price
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