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Conditioner for damaged and fragile hair. BRAÉ Revival Reconstructor Conditioner recovers the hair fiber to bring strength and beauty to the hair.

BRAÉ Revival Conditioner acts internally on the hair pores to give structure to damaged areas. Its vitamin compounds gradually rescue the sensitized layers of the strands to leave hair shinier and more resistant, with a new life.


Wheat Protein: helps repair the keratin scales of damaged hair, gives volume and shape to the hair.

Keratin protein: promotes hair vitality. It is rich in glycine, cystine, cysteine and essential amino acids. Provides mass replacement in the hair and ensures healthy growth.

Silk Protein: reduces porosity and aligns cuticles. Leaves strands supple, silky and flexible.

Marine Algae: are nourishing and revitalizing. Ideal to guarantee silkiness to the hair.

How to use BRAÉ Revival

Application Council

Spread conditioner over damp strands after shampooing. Start at the ends, massage gently and slide the strands between your fingers until they are untangled. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse.

Our Experts Teach

So that the strands do not weigh down after using the conditioner, make sure you have rinsed all the product from your hair. To do this, comb the strands with your fingers while the water falls until you no longer feel any stickiness in your hands.

Learn more: Hair stylist Eron Araújo explains how the routine can affect the hair.


Your hair becomes untangled, recovered from damage and more beautiful.

Also use the BRAÉ Revival Shampoo to complete your daily care.

BRAÉ Revival - Conditioner 250ml

R$ 99,99Price
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