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Oil for damaged and fragile hair. BRAÉ Revival Gorgeous Shine Oil nourishes and strengthens the ends, in addition to restoring vitality to the hair.

BRAÉ Gorgeous Shine Revival Oil replenishes lost lipids and seals the strands so that hair is shiny, resistant and disciplined. With continuous use, the formula even prevents the formation of split ends.


Coconut, Avocado and Macadamia Oil: prevents the natural loss of water from the threads and restores health, softness and shine.

How to Use BRÉ Revival Gorgeous Shine

Application Council

Put a few drops of oil on your palms. Spread the length of the hair until complete absorption. Finish as you wish.

Our Experts Teach

Avoid rubbing oil near the root. This prevents the look from looking heavy and oily.

Learn more: Discover hair oils with beauty artist Cláudia Zanni.


Your hair is nourished, soft and prettier.

Use the BRAÉ Revival Reconstruction Mask for intensive treatment.

BRAÉ Revival Gorgeous Shine - Capillary Oil 60ml

R$79.00 Regular Price
R$69.00Sale Price
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