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BRAÉ Revival - Leave-in 200ml

Reconstructor leave-in for damaged and fragile hair. BRAÉ Revival Leave-in Reconstructor makes it easy to comb, nourish and repair the hair according to your needs.

The BRAÉ Revival Reconstructor Leave-in offers immediate care for unstructured hair. Its vitamin compounds gradually rescue the sensitized layers of the strands to leave hair shinier and more resistant, with a new life.

How to use BRAÉ Revival

Application Council

Apply leave-in on dry or damp hair. Start from the ends to the length, avoiding the root. No rinsing required. Finish as you wish.

Our Experts Teach

Excess leave-in can lead to heavy hair. The ideal amount of product is the equivalent of a 50 cent coin. Spread the formula well and only apply more if you feel a lot of need.

Learn more: Hair stylist Alex Moraes shows you how to take care of your hair.


Your hair is rebuilt, softer and prettier.

Use the BRAÉ Revival Reconstruction Mask for intensive treatment.

BRAÉ Revival - Leave-in 200ml

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