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Reconstruction mask for damaged and fragile hair. BRAÉ Revival Mask recovers and protects the hair fiber so that it remains strong, shiny and hydrated.

The BRAÉ Revival Mask acts internally on the hair's pores to give structure to the damaged areas. Forms a protective layer around the strand to make hair shinier and more resistant, with new life.


Ojon Oil: rich in lipids, fatty acids, amino acids and natural antioxidants, it penetrates deeply into the hair and recovers from damage.

Amino acids: essential in the hair reconstruction process.

Keratin Protein: promotes hair vitality. It is rich in glycine, cystine, cysteine and essential amino acids. Provides mass replacement in the hair and ensures healthy growth.

How to use BRAÉ Revival

Application Council

Distribute the mask lock by lock, starting with the ends. Gently massage until you get close to the root. Leave to act for 25 minutes. Rinse. Finish as you wish.

Our Experts Teach

Before applying the mask, remove excess water from the hair with a towel. This improves the absorption of the formula and guarantees a more intensive action of the actives.

Find out more: Hair stylist Dougllas Dias shows you the 5 common mistakes when treating your hair.


Your hair is treated, recovered from damage and prettier.

Finish the care with the BRAÉ Revival Intense Shine Moisturizing Leave-in Spray.

BRAÉ Revival - 500g Reconstruction Mask

R$ 209,99Price
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