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Concentrated treatment ampoule for damaged hair. BRAÉ Revival Power Dose recovers destructured hair fiber immediately. Offers brighter, stronger and hydrated hair in just a few minutes.

The BRAÉ Revival Power Dose Treatment Ampoule contains almond, argan and ojon oils in its formula, which help to regenerate, nourish and rebuild all layers of the hair fiber. The action of antioxidants also provide immense luminosity and softness to the hair.

How to use BRAÉ Revival Power Dose

Application Council

Wash hair with shampoo and shake the ampoule before use. Apply on the clean and damp strands, gloving lock by lock. Leave on for 3 minutes and rinse.

Our Experts Teach

Mix Power Dose with the Revival Deep Moisturizing Mask with a spatula to create an even more powerful and personalized treatment for your hair.


Hair strengthened, rebuilt and regenerated in just a few minutes.

BRAÉ Revival Power Dose - Hair Treatment Ampoule 13ml

R$40.00 Regular Price
R$29.99Sale Price
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