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Designed for the most demanding hairstyles, due to its high holding power.
Does not dry out and leaves no residue. The biggest and best fixation on the market, prolonged action with maximum fixation.

Gel Cola Strong Barber Extra Strong is the novelty that makes everyone who wants to always have their hair well groomed have their hairstyle in place. Super consistent, it provides an extreme hold on your hair with prolonged action. Due to its high fixing power it is suitable for all types of hair and especially for radical hairstyles or whatever your imagination creates.

How to Use: With damp or dry hair, apply the gel and style the hair as you like.

.Features: - Anti Flakes - Neutral PH - 0% Alcohol

Product Notified at Anvisa: 25351.034982/2020-36

Strong Barber Evolution Gel 240g Maximum Fixation

SKU: Gel Evolution
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