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For any type of hairstyle, Hair Spray Extraforte guarantees intense and long-lasting fixation of the strands, from the simplest to the most elaborate hairstyles.

Available size: 400ml

Assets and differential

JET DRY: Does not dampen the hair and does not deform the hairstyle

SILICONE: Forms a protective film on the wires, and prevents
moisture and wind action

ACTIVESHINE®: Promotes intense shine
Provides up to 72h of fixation.

Fix and extend the effect of the hairstyle or babyliss

Shake well before use. Spray the surface of the hair with light jets continuously and evenly, at a distance of approximately 20 centimeters. To shape strands or enhance fringes, apply in a more concentrated way. Shape using your fingertips, creating the desired effect. To remove the product from your hair, simply comb or wash your hair normally. Keep the can upright during application. Protect your eyes and avoid inhaling product vapors during application.

Hair Spray Charming Extra Strong 400ml Dry Jet

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