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Combo Legend and Hero Black 127volts - Wl

Combo BArber Black, contains a Legend 127volt cutting machine and a Hero 127volt finishing machine. Includes height adapter combs. 8 from Legend 3 by Hero Fading of Smooth Lines and Perfect Matches (Legend)

Allows greater mixing range with extended blade lever (Legend) Innovative Wedge Blade creates a smooth blunt cut (Legend) Extremely close to trimming, creating crisp, clean lines (Hero) Reaching tight area with ease and precision (Hero) Facial Hair Detailing and Design (Hero) SPEC

ENGINE: Electromagnetic Clipper-v9000, Trimmer-rotary UNIT WEIGHT: Clipper-1lb, Trimmer-4.6oz

UNIT LENGTH: Clipper- 6.25 inches, Trimmer- 4.25 inches BLADE(S):

Clipper - 2228 (Wedge Blade), Trimmer - 1062-600 (Adjustable t-blade) CABLE: 8ft. Chemical resistant professional (both units)

ACCESSORIES: 8 clipper attachment combs, 3 t-blade guards, oil, cleaning brush, instructions, proset tool, and 120v-60Hz red blade guard

Professional Barber Combo Machine Kit (wired) Legend and Hero

R$ 780,00Price
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