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Treatment kit for normal hair. Senscience Balance Duo Kit cleans, untangles and conditions, balancing hair health and hydration.
Senscience Balance Duo Kit provides shine and softness for naturally healthy and beautiful hair.
Senscience Balance - Shampoo 300ml: shampoo for healthy and normal hair. Gently cleans, helping to maintain hair health and hydration. Ideal for daily use, it leaves hair much more manageable and beautiful, without accumulating residue.

Senscience Balance Conditioner - 300ml Conditioner: Conditioner for healthy and normal hair. Untangles and conditions, maintaining the shine and softness of the threads. It balances the health and hydration of the strands, for naturally beautiful and healthy hair.


Thistle Extract, Vitamin B5 and Natural Sugars: nourish and maintain a balanced and healthy hydration, leaving hair super malleable and without residues.

How to Use Senscience Balance Duo Kit (2 Products)

Application Council

Apply shampoo to wet hair and massage until lathered. Rinse. Then apply the conditioner to clean, damp hair, let it act for a while. Rinse.


Clean, untangled and conditioned hair as well as healthy, hydrated and soft.

Senscience Balance Duo Kit (2 Products)

R$350.00 Regular Price
R$212.68Sale Price
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