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1st Product

The 2 in 1 Shampoo and Hair and Shampoo Conditioner was developed to wash and moisturize for a long period.

Recommended for all types of beard, hair and skin. Its formula maintains the hygiene and care of the threads, cleaning, providing shine, vitality and a healthy appearance.

It has conditioning agents in its composition that soften and untangle the strands with ease, giving shine and softness, revitalizing and restoring action, providing a silky touch to the hairs on the face and scalp.

-Smooth aroma, sophisticated and still produces that refreshing sensation.

Free of salt (sodium chloride) and parabens.

Reduces hair ingrowth

-Decreases the incidence of acne

-Controls hair oiliness, giving strength and life

-It's refreshing


-Excellent anti-fungal for beard

-Eliminates the itch

Olfactory Note: Imported Essence / Tropical Woods Hut (Tropical Woods hut)

2nd Product

Strong barber aftershave balm 300g

Balm after Shaving shines, moisturizes, controls and shapes your beard strands throughout the day, in addition to helping to keep rebellious strands under control.
It is ideal for men who feel their beard dry or rough, restores and promotes a feeling of well-being and freshness to the skin.

-Antiseptic and healing action for the skin after shaving.
Perfect Combination for a Soft and Moisturized Beard

3rd Product

Shaving Gel provides a refreshing sensation to the skin, developed to protect the skin against irritation and aggressive shaving effects.

Its formula combines Anti-Bactericides and cell renewal, preparing the skin for a new shave.

-Ideal for beard and little foot

-Does not burn in contact with the skin.
How to use

Measure a small amount of shaving gel on your fingertips or directly on the surface to be shaved. Gently massage the gel onto wet skin for a smooth shave.

-After shaving, rinse

Unrivaled quality!

Strong Barber Kit: 2in1 Shampoo and Conditioner, Shaving Balm and Shaving Gel

R$120.00 Regular Price
R$99.00Sale Price
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