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Kemei Professional Electric Hair Clipper

Model: KM-1997 Color: Silver

Knife Head: Stainless Steel Comb Cutter Head: 3/6/10/13mm.

Body Size: 17.5cm*4cm

Body weight: 438g

Packing size: 22 cm * 18.5 cm * 6 cm

Total weight: 987g Charging time: 1.5 hours

Duration: 210 Minutes Body Material: Galvanized Body

Rated voltage: 110-240 V

Charging Method: Plug And Play

Product Accessories: Stainless Steel Cutting Head,

Blade Protector Boundary Comb, Cleaning Brush,

Power Adapter,

Instruction Manual Battery: 2000 mAh li-on battery

Charging time: 2 Hrs Can be used while charging.

Battery life: approximately 1:20 Hrs.

Body material: Galvanized body Voltage: 110-240 V (Bivolt)

Kemei Hair Clipper 1997 Metal 9w Rechargeable SILVER WIRELESS BIVOLT

SKU: KM 1997
R$ 278,00Price
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