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Professional, cordless, rechargeable Senior Cordless Wahl hair clipper.

This is the most powerful deunto cutter and blade set on the market, with a rotary engine that reaches speeds up to 6,700 rpm and a unique 5 Star Wahl Flat Blade made of steel with a protective chrome layer.

This machine features Stall Torque technology that delivers greater torque in addition to speed. It has 70 minutes of autonomy and full charge in just 120 minutes of recharge.

Comes with premium metal clip combs in measurements #0, 5, #1 and #1, 5. Has blade height adjustment lever covering a range of 0, 8 to 2.5 millimeters.

Senior Cordless Wahl Hair Clipper

SKU: 8504-048
R$999.00 Regular Price
R$899.00Sale Price
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