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Horse Krina Nanovin A 100% Proven Fast Hair Growth

Nanovin The Stallion has arrived!
Nanovin A hit now for men, the Stallion will do a Beard, Hair and Mustache!
Transform pangaré into a real Stallion!
Hair tonic for growth and correction of beard and hair focused on the male audience.
Phytotherapeutic treatment that helps in the natural growth of the hair, giving strength to the hair bulb and helping blood circulation in the scalp and areas of the bulb.

The accumulation of oil in the scalp and the decrease in blood circulation suffocate the hair bulb, killing the hair from the inside out. With an efficient cleaning and a powerful combination of actives, Nanovin A Cavalo de Ouro cares for your scalp, in addition to inducing growth.

The sooner you start the baldness treatment, the better the chances of reversal. If the follicles are left without strands for a long time, they will lose their ability to function and baldness will become permanent.

Natural treatments are a gentler and often more effective alternative for treating hair loss, as it does not contain synthetic chemicals in its composition.

Nanovin A Stallion is Vitamin A in its "nanosphere" form, being protected inside microreservoirs, its release will be gradual and its biological activity will be maximized. Associated with Medicinal Plant Extracts that improve the blood flow to the scalp, stimulating growth and restoring the hair bulb.

Nanovin A makes hair stronger and more resistant. Especially if you make brushes, flat irons, use dyes, make progressives, bleaches, straightening of any kind or other chemical processes. Prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth, maintaining the health of the hair bulb.


- Stimulates growth

- Increases cell proliferation

- Restores hair bulb health

- Induces hair growth

- Restores density to the hair

Nanovin The Stallion 30ml

SKU: 086
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