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Nudred Brothers Vitor Cosmetics Double Professional Sponge

Nudred Sponge by Vitor Cosmetics Brand, It is the most suitable for sponge due to the hardness and quality of the foam

The styling sponge aims to enhance frizzy hair.

It is recommended to use a styling ointment for hair over 1 cm (the ointment defines the nudred).

Easy to use:

Just make circular movements for 1 to 5 minutes, until you reach the desired effect.

The sponge works best on frizzy hair that is at least 1 cm long.

In the sponge there are small textured holes that make it look curly/twisted.

Ideal for those looking to texture their hair in a few minutes

With it you get those really cool dred effects

Nudred Eggshell 16mm (Double)

SKU: 060
R$24.99 Regular Price
R$19.99Sale Price
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