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Senscience CPR

Cuticle Porosity Reconstructive Treatment - Reconstructive treatment for dry and damaged hair.

For severely dry and damaged hair, CPR is an intensive restorative treatment that repairs the porosity of the cuticles and makes up for the hair's deficiencies, restoring its vital components.


Formulated with keratin, silk amino acids and the exclusive Bio-Structurer complex, it penetrates damaged cuticles to repair them, smoothing and sealing the hair and preserving natural hydration and shine.

It helps to balance the moisture level within the hair and protects against high humidity, provides a conditioning effect on the hair, contains antioxidant properties, helps maintain moisture balance.

Penetrate deep into the outside of the hair to permanently strengthen battered hair, improve hair handling and appearance. Keratin is derived from the same material as hair.

How to Use Senscience CPR

Application Council

1- Wash hair with Senscience Purifying Shampoo to remove impurities and residue build-up. Leave the foam to act for 5 minutes and rinse.

2- Remove excess water from the strands gently with a towel.

3- Apply step 1 of CPR in the palms of the hands, rub and distribute the hair strand by strand. Comb to distribute the product evenly.

4- Let it act for 5 minutes with the aid of a thermal cap or a low/medium dryer. DO NOT RINSE.

5- Apply step 2 of CPR in the same way, rubbing it into the palm of your hands and distributing strand by strand. Leave to act for 10 minutes with one of the two heat sources indicated above.

6- Thoroughly rinse the product with HOT WATER.

7- Continue drying and shaping the threads as desired.


- For best results it is recommended to wait at least a week before using CPR after a chemical treatment. This will allow the perm, relaxation or coloring to fully set in the hair before providing a specialized intensive treatment.

- If you use step 2 excessively on the wires, they may become heavy or a little oily. If this happens, use Silk Moisture Conditioner.

- Conditioner after treatment. It will remove excess oils.

- It is recommended to use Senscience Inner Restore Conditioner and Inner Restore Intensif Mask for treatment maintenance.


CPR Strengthens, moisturizes and protects hair. Healthy and protected hair, sealed split ends, breakage prevention, rebuilt hair, soft, silky and with a lot of shine.

Senscience CPR - Reconstructive Treatment 2x25ml

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