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Senscience Inner Restore Intensif

A deep repair treatment for thick, frizzy and severely damaged hair that leaves hair looking healthy and exceptionally hydrated, shiny and nourished.

Nourishes and repairs damaged cuticles leaving hair a healthy shine. Use weekly in place of Conditioner on severely damaged hair.


Enriched with Shiseido Laboratories' exclusive blend of silicone emulsions to replenish moisture and essential amino acids that promote healthy hair. Polymeric and humectant conditioners provide exceptional softness, nourishing the hair and balancing the strands' moisture level.

How to Use Senscience Inner Restore Intensif


Intense softness and flexibility smoothes the cuticle adding shine and silkiness. Healthier and stronger hair.

Senscience Inner Restore Intensif - Hair Mask 500ml

SKU: 484435
R$ 550,00 Regular Price
R$ 450,00Sale Price
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