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Senscience True Hue Violet Kit for cold blond, gray and white hair. Gently cleanses the strands, while neutralizing yellowish tones and fading, from the first application. Senscience True Hue Violet Kit restores the hydration and nutrition of hair fibers, revitalizing and promoting strength.

Protects the threads from daily stress, reducing breakage and also gives flexibility and softness. Senscience True Hue Violet Kit helps maintain color pigments longer, while providing incredible shine and stunning natural movement.


Violet pigments: completely neutralize yellow tones, leaving your hair platinum.

Vitamins A, C and E, Wheat and Milk Protein Extract: nourish hair fibers while protecting from environmental and daily stress. Thus, the threads are more resistant and the breakage is significantly reduced.

How to Use Senscience True Hue Violet Kit (2 products)

Application Council

Shampoo into damp hair and massage, bringing the lather up to the ends. Then rinse.

Apply conditioner along the entire length of clean, damp strands. Leave on for 2-3 minutes and rinse.


Your hair is clean, conditioned and free from yellowing and fading, with hydration and nutrition restored. Luminous threads with natural movement!

Senscience True Hue Violet Kit (2 products)

R$ 350,00 Regular Price
R$ 263,00Sale Price
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