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The Designer Cordless Cordless Cordless Cutting Machine of the Prolithium Series line developed by Wahl Professional is ideal for beauty professionals. It has a high efficiency lithium ion battery with autonomy of up to 90 minutes of continuous cutting, rechargeable and without memory effect.

The Wahl Designer Cordless Cordless Cutting Machine fully recharges in 120 minutes, can be used on all types of hair, to perform a huge variety of cuts, with great practicality and mobility, providing more mobility to the beauty professional when cutting The hair.

Designer Cordless Cordless Cutting Machine Blades are chromed and high precision, in addition to being more resistant against rust and oxidation, the device has a lever that allows you to adjust the height without having to change the blades.

Wahl Wahl Designer Cordless - Wireless (Bivolt)

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